Brimstone Brawlers: Concept Artist - Stylized lovecraftian/gothic/steampunk Environments (Remote Job)

Concept Artist - Stylized lovecraftian/gothic/steampunk Environments 100% REMOTE

Posted: about 1 month
Art and Animation
I have been working mostly solo on my game Brimstone Brawlers for a few years now and every so often I get some budget to get some freelancers to help out. Now is a time like that!

The game is a top down brawler set in a dark lovecraftian/gothic/steampink victorian world (yeah it know its a bit of a mix, not all maps have each style) and we are in need of a concept artist to help flesh out some details of our new maps.

We recently changed some of the 3D art style of the environments so I would like to also rework some of the older maps.

The game is stylized (think Overwatch mixed with League Of Legends) so there is a little "wonk" to the environments - you can check out our Station map below which is the visual direction we want to take the game.

Unfortunately my website isnt really up to date, but you can find more media and what the game art currently looks like over on my social media pages like Twitter and Instagram.

If you're interested, shoot me an email with your portfolio.
***Please note I am interested in seeing thumbnails and concept work rather than fully rendered illustrations.***

Thanks for your time!
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