Balloon Studios is hiring 3D Environment Artist (Remote Job)

3D Environment Artist 100% REMOTE

Posted: 7 months
Art and Animation
GMT overlap is preferred, not mandatory

Botany Manor

For our debut title, Botany Manor, we’re on the lookout for a 3D Environment Artist (contractor) to join us for the rest of the project duration. 

Botany Manor is a first-person-puzzle game where you play as a female botanist in the 19th century. You live in a grand manor, where you research the cultivation requirements of a collection of seeds. The information is spread out all over the manor, in many shapes and forms. Explore the many rooms and gardens to find the best environment for your plants, while also discovering more about the life of the botanist you play as. 

We’re a small team, and as we’re still early in development, this role allows you to be quite creative in your work. We are fully remote and don’t have any location requirements, although having a time-zone that roughly overlaps with GMT would be ideal :)

The art style of the game can be described as minimal, illustrative and vibrant. Think off The Witness, Sea of Solitude and Rime. 

What you’ll be doing:
  • Set-dressing whitebox static scenes into beautiful well-lit environments, based on references and descriptions.
  • Be able to create these environments by using existing pipelines and tools.
  • Creating materials with custom shaders, and being able to do a first pass on colours and shader settings.
  • Modeling various models in Blender (props, foliage, environmental) that are efficient, UV’d and work inside Unity’s lightmapper.
  • Importing those models into Unity in a clean, organised way and setting them up correctly to be used within the project.
  • Be able to work within limitations of scope, timelines, platforms and style.
  • Iterate on work based on feedback from creative director.
  • Pushing/pulling your work to Git.

Nice to have experience:
  • Animation
  • Level Design
  • Rigging 
  • Tech-art

Who we are looking for:
  • Someone with an eye for colour and composition.
  • Someone with a horizontal, impressionistic approach to art.
  • Someone who has worked on games before in a professional capacity, and ideally has seen a project through to completion.
  • Someone who can work independently and likes having responsibility over a chunk of the game, while still being collaborative.
  • Someone who cares about their work as much as the team they work with.
    Someone with an interest in nature and history.

What we offer:

Balloon Studios is a small studio where we care about crafting beautiful, polished and meaningful games. We’re a young company, so you get to be part of something cool right from the start. As a team we are friendly and sociable, and want you to feel safe to be yourself and use your voice. We believe in a culture of delegation, collaboration and emotion, where you don’t compromise a creative job with quality of life. 

Application process:
  1. Application review.

  2. An informal call.
  3. A test (paid) to see how we work together.

We look forward to hearing from you! Apply through clicking the button below:

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About Balloon Studios

Balloon Studios is a small games studio with a focus on short, welcoming games set in beautiful architectural spaces. 

We’re a fully remote team based in the UK, currently hard at work on our first game, Botany Manor. 

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