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VirBELA Remote Game Jobs


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VirBELA’s mission is to improve the way people learn and collaborate together, while geographically apart.

To do so, we create software that fosters effective communication, deep relationships, and a safe environment to take risks.

The software includes a proprietary 3D virtual reality platform that allows users to connect with avatars, voice and text chat, collaborative web-browsers, and embedded learning simulations and games.

The 3D environments, which are offered under a software as a service model, are custom branded for clients and are privately hosted for their community of users. Current clients are using the technology for diverse purposes, including to develop interprofessional teaming skills of heath care providers, as a platform for distance education by universities, as a site for transitioning military to receive career counseling, and for businesses to drop their brick-and-mortar overhead to move into cloud-based headquarters

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