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Threshold Games Remote Game Jobs

Threshold Games

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Threshold Games is a remote-work indie game studio founded by June Gayler, a white, queer, trans writer/game designer, and proudly comprised with a mix of new developers and veterans from Sucker Punch (Ghost of Tsushima), WB Games (Batman: Arkham City & F.E.A.R.), and En Masse Entertainment (The Exiled Realm of Arborea/TERA.)
Studio management consists of our creative co-directors June Gayler and Jessica Bean. Other team members currently include our lead producer, lead engineer, a UI/UX specialist, an art director, a 3D artist/programmer, with additional team members to be added as the project progresses. The studio uses AGILE project management structure with a 2-week sprint cycle and iterative milestones.

Our company structure is notably different from many major AAA and indie development studios, focusing on a flexible work schedule and work-life balance for all team members, including those with families. To add additional flexibility and better accommodate our staff, our company is also remotely-based and work-from-home.

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