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About Synthesis
Co-founder Josh Dahn built Ad Astra school for Elon’s kids at SpaceX. Now, we are scaling the most ambitious ideas from Ad Astra, starting with the most innovative class: Synthesis.

Synthesis teaches kids to collaboratively work with information like adults do. Students ages 6 to 14 meet once a week to form teams and play novel, complex games and simulations, moderated by an adult coach who encourages clear communication and rigorous analytical thinking. And that is just the beginning. We're building "Ender's Game for innovators", a global internet-native academy to accelerate learning for the world's most talented and driven students, those most likely to contribute to leaps in science and engineering that advance human progress.
We’ve grown revenue 5x in a little over a year – and we’d double again if we admitted everyone on our paid reservation list. Recently we raised $12M from Balaji S. Srinivasan (@balajis) and Amjad Masad (founder of Replit).
Synthesis is a purely remote team who, in addition to Ad Astra, have built Khan Academy, ClassDojo, Facebook, Google, Uber, Roam Research, Zachtronics, and Flexport.

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