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Pomsky Games is a small and independent game development studio based in Toronto, Canada. We make mobile games that address important social issues like environment pollution, mental health, inclusion etc. 

Our Values
  • Focus on Environment. We challenge the established game design practices of portraying the environment as something we could endlessly consume.
  • Collaboration. We create game mechanics that motivate players to collaborate rather than compete by offering them common goals to reach.
  • Zero violence. You would not be able to kill live beings in our games, but you would help and rescue; there is no animal abuse in anything we create.
  • Advocate for ethical lifestyle. We strive to communicate meaningful messages in our games that show players the importance of treating each other and the planet with care.
‍We are a crew of developers passionate about both the environment and video games. As people who want to make a difference, we couldn't ignore the ecological disaster that we are all witnessing nowadays, and we figured why not to raise those issues in our games? We believe we could make a difference offering to the market ethical and enjoyable games to play!

Our Latest Game - Bubblesome: Clean the Ocean

Bubblesome is a free-to-play mobile game that entices players to help save our planet's marine life by solving these important problems in a fun and entertaining way. Players can help clean the ocean from plastic pollution and save their underwater animal friends by popping colourful bubbles and solving satisfying puzzles.

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