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While you may be thinking Night Garden is a place where programmers are growing tomatoes, “the garden” was really a theoretical place where weird ideas were born late at night. It was in this place where humble roots flourished to new heights, without pressure from the corporate world. From there, the garden grew into a gaming studio that values quality games, compassion for our crew, and the production of other-worldly creativity. Our mission? To bring mobile gaming to the next level. Figuratively speaking; but we're all for levelling up. 

With roots in AAA console gaming, we appreciate the need for a tidy garden, but we also strive to provide a free work culture. A culture where our team can balance their career with life and thrive on their own terms. When they’re done napping with their cat or trekking through mountains, they return to propagate projects in the garden. With a talented team of horti-engineers, shrubbery scribblers, farmers of AAA, greenhouse programmers, and landscapers of Unity, we love creating worlds and telling stories with our valued partners.

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