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Monochrome Workshop Remote Game Jobs

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The Monochrome Workshop is an online cooperative of more than 150 members
contributing written, art, animated, and music assets. As a cooperative, the
Workshop wants to see its members grow and flourish through professional
experience. This translates into our payment model which is a rev share and
contract model dependent upon how many assets each creative creates. Thus as
you create assets that are implemented into the game you get a share of the
revenue from the sales of the game or are paid directly on Paypal based on how
difficult the asset is. Other benefits of the Workshop include

The RPG is an adventure that follows the traveling comedian Otto as he explores various cartoon worlds built off of a variety of art styles.

Otto is a bit of a loner, living on the edge of his home town of Vaudeville, and struggling to find his way in the world.  He’s cute, he’s funny, but he just can’t seem to find the right job and the right friends.

Most of the creatures in Vaudeville appear to be having so much fun… but he just doesn’t see the world the same way.  His sense of humor is a bit… odd. And his friends are a bit… off. On top of all that, strange bugs and creatures have been appearing lately around his house…. Well, they are making him worried…

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