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MLC Remote Game Jobs


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We’re a tight-knit family of creatives helping game studios build the games of their dreams, as well as helping innovative startups and small businesses to create the best content they can!

We have a welcoming and friendly team of remote freelancers from around the world who have worked with us for 3+ years. We work with clients who have as much passion and drive as we do. If you want to work on projects you love and value happiness, then you might have just got lucky finding us!

We communicate regularly in our various team Discord channels. We highly value team relationships, and so one-to-one/group conversations and calls are something we make sure happens on a regular basis. Hang out with other creatives and work together while you work on the game. We love sharing our work, things we're doing in real life and have conversations that aren't always about work!

Some of the studios we've worked with include Virtuverse, Over The Moon, Sinespace, Iron Horse Games and Stingbot Games.

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