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Lo-Fi Games Ltd Remote Game Jobs

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LO-FI GAMES is a small, independent games studio based in Bristol, UK, which released its first game, Kenshi, in December 2018. Founded by Chris Hunt in 2006, Lo-Fi Games started off originally as a one-man team for six long years. In that time, Chris struggled to get by as a security guard by night and lone game developer by day.

After Kenshi’s success on Steam Greenlight’s Early Access in 2013, Chris was finally able to afford to get a team together by Summer 2014. Not only was Kenshi a best selling game upon release, but it was also among the top 100 most played games on Steam as of 2019, boasting ‘Very Positive’ reviews and an average play time in the hundreds of hours.

Kenshi has sold over a million copies worldwide and the Lo-Fi Games team are hard at work on Kenshi 2

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