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Keywords Studios has been in the game for over 25 years now. We help to create the best gaming experiences for over 3 billion players worldwide. We are always there to lend a hand to video games developers and publishers by offering a wide range of solutions: from art and audio to testing, localization and finally - Player Support - which is one of the fastest-growing Service Lines at Keywords Studios. We are Trailblazers and Experts who assist the world’s best game development studios with providing technical support to the players, while they are creating mind-blowing game experiences. By delivering outstanding customer services, Keywords Studios is making sure that gamers stay happy and hooked. As 12,000+ Keywordians we imagine more… for our clients, teams, projects and careers. Together we have the power to unlock the potential of gaming and beyond. We don’t wait for a positive change to happen - we make it happen. So today, we invite you to join our wonderful team!

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