Tatsu Works is hiring Senior Pixel Artist (Remote Job)

Senior Pixel Artist 100% REMOTE

Posted: 3 days
Art and Animation
$4000 - $6000
Tatsu Works is a company passionate about connecting communities through Tatsumeeko, our modern fantasy RPG. We are looking for a highly experienced Lead Pixel Artist to join us and lead our pixel art team in creating head-turning and eye-pleasing pixel artwork for Tatsumeeko, the next game expansion to our popular Tatsu.GG platform is used by more than 1.4 million Discord communities. We place fun gameplay, awesome user experience and mass adoption at the forefront of our creative vision. Our team is looking for someone who can coach other pixel artists, translate concept art into pixel art or come up with pixel artwork for Tatsumeeko. The ideal candidate will have a passion for art, a keen eye for detail and the ability to take initiative. The Senior Pixel Artist joining us will share our vision and make this project their own.

Senior Pixel Artist Responsibilities
  • Design a variety of pixel graphics, from tile-sets to icons, characters and creatures.
  • Bring original ideas and concepts to discuss in planning meetings.
  • Be able to translate rough ideas or concepts accurately into appealing pixel art.
  • Be independent in your time management, fulfilling the requested assets in time.
  • Be faithful to the references when they are provided.
  • Positive attitude and an ability to receive and provide objective feedback.
  • Adapt to remote working, asynchronous communication and be willing to attend remote meetings with colleagues to resolve issues and to collaborate on meaningful tasks.
You may be a good fit if you:
  • Have at least 5 years doing pixel art
  • Have a strong affinity and art style for JRPGs, anime, and MMORPGs
  • Have experience with the isometric pixel art style
  • Understand art fundamentals e.g. 3d form, colors harmony, light and shadow
  • Have an eye for small details that make worlds come alive
  • Have the urge to produce pixel art that engages and attracts our users
  • Able to adapt and match the current game style and make suggestions to improve the art
  • Is able to work hand-in-hand with other artists and developers on game-related graphics
  • Have strong fluency in written and verbal English.
  • Have experience doing designs for a variety of things including Creatures, Items, Environments, Weapons, Gear and more
  • Have strong experience with Photoshop or Aseprite or similar technologies
  • Have experience working on long-term commercial projects and an entirely remote team (if stationed outside Singapore)
  • Have experience in animation
Projects you will work on:
  • Create characters and NPC in different poses
  • Create bestiary and pets for encounters
  • Create reusable environmental assets and effects
  • Assist in developing guides for the pixel art team
  • Correspond with other stakeholders to understand business requirements
  • Develop skills in animations and effects
  • Work with technical artists and assist to establish art pipelines when necessary
  • Develop UI / Icons

About Tatsu Works

We're the team working hard to build https://www.tatsumeeko.com the first of its kind play cross-platform Discord and mobile play to earn RPG metaverse. Our global team comprises of mobage, MMORPG and anime enthusiasts and it is our passion to build a high-quality, believable fantasy world enjoyed by as many people as possible. From day one, we have been a community-driven project that has grown to be a part of more than 1.4 million Discord communities. We are a close knit group of artists, developers, business and community peeps from all over the world who enjoy working with each other to deliver the best experiences to our players.

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