Sanctuary is hiring VFX Artist (Remote Job)

VFX Artist 100% REMOTE

Posted: 25 days
Art and Animation
About the Game

Sanctuary is a Real Time Strategy set far in the future on a Dyson sphere built using Unity game engine. Three factions vie for power on what could be a prosperous utopia but is instead a warring hell-scape. Take command of thousands of units on a vibrant battlefield as you guide your armies to their ultimate victory, or their final defeat.
In this game every ballistic is simulated in real time, this means things take on a much more real and tactile dimension.

Screenshot from Sanctuary (WIP)

About the Role

We're looking for someone to make our shell impact, bomb explosions, nuclear explosions, shell striking metal sparks, sparks from the factory, smoke trails, clouds, fighter jet plume and trail, energy shield, ocean wave foam, sci-fi futuristic and weapons FX.
The style should be mostly realistic. 

This is for a full time job paid by the month at a rate of €3000 a month, with a maximum duration of 9 months. There is a possibility to discuss part-time as well.

There are three factions and while one faction might be very "human" in nature another would have more sci-fi alien-like technology, another would be more robotic. We need a full suite of effects per unit and per faction. At 100 units per faction, that is a lot of FX. of course there might be some reusability involved but we also want to have certain FX that really stand out (such as the nuke).

Good to have
  • Knowledge of Embergen is appreciated, but not mandatory. 
  • Good spoken English
Job Expired


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