Terrain Level Artist

Posted: 4 months
Art and Animation
  • Locations: Czech Republic; Estonia; Georgia; Latvia; Lithuania; Moldova; Poland; Romania; Turkey
  • Cooperation: Remote
  • Languages:English, Ukrainian
  • Team:3D environment

We are seeking a talented Terrain Level artist. As a Terrain Level Artist, you will have the opportunity to showcase your superpowers and contribute to the creation of immersive game experiences.

Superpowers you have are
  • Foundation in the traditional arts;
  • An exceptional understanding of form, shape, structure, and silhouette regarding modelling;
  • Love for architecture and an excellent eye for interpreting reference and concept art;
  • A solid appreciation for how things work in real life;
  • 3+ years of experience as a Level Artist or Terrain Artist in the video games industry;
  • Proficiency in current-generation industry-standard tools and workflows, such as Maya, Blender, Unreal, Photoshop, and Houdini;
  • A team player, flexible with new ideas and open to direction and changes;
  • An active contributor to the craft, promoting a transparent and learning culture within the team.

As a part of Room 8 studio, you will
  • Sculpt, model, and texture terrain for game environments;
  • Create or modify in-game landscape assets within specified time and budget constraints, ensuring final quality;
  • Populate in-game landscapes with contextual scenery assets, occasionally generating required assets;
  • Transform 2D concept art, design requirements, and visual references into high-quality 3D landscapes that capture the concept’s spirit and technical dimensions;
  • Understand and consider the context and gameplay potential of the landscape during setup;
  • Develop in-game visuals for landscapes and organic props using tools like Substance, ZBrush, and Maya;
  • Convey visual storytelling through layout;
  • Take ownership of environmental assets and scene layout, fostering collaboration across disciplines for innovative environment art;
  • Contribute to research and development of new production techniques;
  • Collaborate with internal and external art teams, following Art Direction and feedback to achieve high-quality and desired art style;
  • Seek proactive feedback from Lead Artist and Art Directors;
  • Maintain consistency with the defined visual style of the game;
  • Collaborate with other Environment Artists and cross-functional teams such as Concept Art, Level Art, and Design;
  • Perform additional duties as assigned or required, as job responsibilities may evolve.

Join Us. get even more!
  • Competitive financial reward (yes, we are fair enough);
  • Challenges to raise your XPs score (professional training and conferences, internal mentorship, English courses);
  • Private medical care, paid vacation, and sick leave;
  • A culture of diversity and inclusion to unite the most outstanding talents;
  • Community of people who understand and share your passion for games.

Job Expired

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