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Onyx Studio is a top-tier co-development house known for cultivating deep, collaborative partnerships with our clients, along with an unwavering focus on best-in-class creative collaboration and execution. We are currently looking for a Senior Vehicle Artist to join our talented team and help drive our AAA projects to success.

As a highly skilled and experienced Senior Vehicle Artist with expertise in real-time engine game art, specifically Unreal Engine, you will be responsible for creating highly detailed and realistic vehicle models for our projects. Your expertise in realistic 3D modelling and texturing, will be instrumental in bringing our virtual vehicles to life. Aside from creating assets you will also share your working experience and insights with the others on the team. On a daily basis you will report to the Lead 3D Artist in your project, meeting to review assets and discuss progress about project deliveries.

At Onyx Studio, our focus is on creating a collaborative and supportive atmosphere where teams’ contributions are valued and respected. We proactively prioritise our talent by continuously refining the way that we work, ensuring open and clear communication, and promoting opportunities for growth within our teams, while choosing to work with clients that share similar value systems and creative goals. In turn, we pride ourselves on exceptional service and delivery that has allowed us to establish long term relationships with some of the industry’s best creators.

If your qualifications and values align with this position and you are enthusiastic about contributing to our ever-evolving team, we invite you to apply. Please send your resume, cover letter and portfolio reference that indicates your interest and suitability for the role, and we will be in touch should there be a potential fit for our current needs.


  • Create high-quality, accurate, and detailed 3D vehicle models based on provided concept art or reference materials.
  • Apply advanced 3D modelling techniques to ensure the optimal representation of vehicle designs, proportions, and details.
  • Efficiently UV unwrap and texture vehicle models, utilising appropriate materials to achieve realistic surfaces.
  • Rig and animate vehicles, ensuring design and detail match the needs for gameplay realisation. Bring them to life by creating skeletons, joints, and controls for movement and deformation and animate doors, wheels and suspension for example.
  • Collaborate closely with the art and design teams to ensure the vehicle models align with the project's artistic vision and technical requirements.
  • Optimise vehicle models for real-time rendering engines, ensuring optimal performance and visual quality.
  • Study real-world contemporary and historical vehicles, gathering reference materials to ensure accuracy and authenticity in vehicle design within the constraints of art direction.
  • Document techniques and best practices to ensure alignment with the overall artistic vision for all stakeholders.
  • Stay up to date with advancements and best practices in vehicle modelling, texturing and rendering techniques.
  • Participate in feedback reviews, collaborate with peers and stakeholders and be willing to make required amendments.
  • Work closely with the Lead 3D Artist and Producers to estimate tasks, and coordinate on deadlines and deliverables.
  • Mentor and upskill junior artists over time, and conduct regular sessions to transfer knowledge, provide feedback and highlight best practices.


  • College Diploma/Degree in graphic design, 3D art, game development or equivalent training.
  • 3-5 years experience as a Vehicle Artist, with 5-7 years experience in video game production and shipped at least 2 titles on either AAA, AA and mobile platforms.
  • Expert knowledge of Unreal Engine, including a deep understanding of its material and shader systems, as well as optimization techniques for real-time rendering.
  • Expert knowledge of 3ds Max/Maya/Blender.
  • Expert knowledge of Photoshop and Substance Painter and ZBrush.
  • Expertise in texturing and shading, with the ability to create realistic and visually appealing PBR materials for game assets.
  • Strong leadership skills, with the ability to delegate work to the vehicle art team by translating direction into actionable execution.
  • Strong portfolio showcasing high-quality vehicle models created specifically for real-time game art in Unreal Engine.
  • Excellent understanding of vehicle design, proportions, and details, with a focus on creating assets suitable for real-time game environments.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to interpret direction.
  • Highly organised, proactive and autonomous in handling tasks and meeting deadlines.
  • Ability to collaborate and work as part of a cross-disciplinary team.
  • Willingness to learn new software programs and tools, as needed by the client or project engagement.
  • Keep up to date with the latest art, design and cultural trends, along with advancements in technology and the games industry.

    Nice to have:
  • Experience with photogrammetry techniques for asset creation.

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A professional art production company for the gaming industry. Co-Dev partners for EA/DICE, Microsoft, Activision Blizzard King and many more

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