3D Gameplay Animator

Posted: about 2 months
Art and Animation
Project Ava is a new indie IP published by 11bit studios (This War of  Mine, Frostpunk) and developed by Inverge Studios (Effie). We’re looking for a Gameplay Animator to join our small team and bring to life the characters that inhabit our worlds. We are considering on-site working options as well as full-time remote candidates.


  • Work with the team leads to establish the animation aesthetic for the game.
  • Invent, build and implement ingame animations of compelling characters and creatures that are incredibly satisfying to play and exciting to watch.
  • Work with the player controller, animation blend trees and node-based animation editors to achieve the perfect balance between animation fidelity and gameplay responsiveness.
  • Help to implement, maintain, and debug animation systems and iteratively improve animation pipelines and tools.
  • Work with producers to maintain good documentation and achievable milestones.
  • Play the game regularly and continually identify opportunities to improve animation quality.

  • Solid gameplay animation and implementation skills.
  • Knowledge of skinning and rigging.
  • Practical knowledge and experience using animation packages (we work with Blender) and core UE4 animation features.
  • A self-motivated and organized individual who works well when left on his/her own.
  • Experience with prototype/quick iteration environments.
  • Ability to work well through iterations and incoming feedback.
  • Passionate about playing and making video games.

Send us your resume/cv and portfolio through our contact email. Remember to specify in the subject the opening you are applying for.

Example Subject: 3D Gameplay Animator Job Application - Your Name
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About Inverge Studios

We met in college. We used to participate in video game creation contests in 48h (A.K.A. gamejams), and we were really good at it. After finishing our studies, we decided to join forces so we could continue doing what we were passionate about, and what we excelled at: developing videogames. And we called it Inverge Studios.

So in 2016 our entrepreneurial journey began. We started in the mobile world, because we could prototype entertaining mechanics quickly and release polished games in a short time. Thus, by the end of 2017 we had already published four games for iOS and Android:

At the beginning of 2018 we took the leap. We decided to develop a video game for PlayStation 4, which was possible thanks to a partnership with PlayStation Spain and Lanzadera. We had no idea how we were going to do it, but we would do it. After moving from the mobile world to consoles, and from Unity to Unreal Engine, many of our hardware and software limitations disappeared. We were free to do whatever we wanted… and we did.

In June 2019, after a year and a half of development, our first game was released on PlayStation 4: Effie. A 3D platformer game with very friendly and eye-catching graphics that did not leave players indifferent. Thanks to this success, we were able to release the game later on Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. We even released physical editions of the game! On PS4 with Limited Run Games and on Nintendo Switch with Meridiem Games.
In July 2019 we started a new secret project together with Chibig, a renowned video game studio, and in March 2020 we teamed up with 11 bit studios to make it even bigger…. and more meaningful.

We are happy with what we have achieved so far, and excited about what lies ahead….

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