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Art and Animation
Eligible to work in Canada
*Work from home. Must be eligible to work in Canada. 

Junior Rigger:

Junior Riggers are responsible for the assets assigned to them by their Lead. When workflow-related questions arise, they first try asking other Juniors before bringing it to their Lead. A Junior Rigger values communication between teammates above all else. If the question cannot be answered, they ask the next level on their show.

When a Junior Rigger completes their work, they let the person who assigned it to them know so that they can receive either approval or revisions.

Everyone on the team is expected to be a team player, willing to work with the team on goals that are best for everyone.

General Expectations of Junior Riggers:

- Able to efficiently use Maya

- Skin a Character or object to final quality

- Drive to learn and improve – in both technical skill and knowledge

- Communicate with the team – both with people on your level and above

- Rig simple props with minimal input

- Rig intermediate props with help

- Complete assigned tasks in a timely manner

- Learn to do specific steps like face setups, dynamic chains, and skinning based on the show style

- Correctly follow Pipeline procedures

- Take constructive input

- Properly follow instructions

- Maintain a good work-life balance and communicate with the team if help is needed

Mid Rigger:

Mid level Riggers have a full grasp and ability to do everything expected from a Junior Rigger to a higher quality and at a faster speed.

General Expectations of Riggers:

- Read and write basic Python code

- Rig intermediate props with minimal input

- Rig complex props with help

- Set up basic biped rigs with department tools

- Communicate with Leads and Supervisors on the show

- Help Junior Riggers with simple questions

- Set up more complex quadruped and other rigs with help

- Jump between shows, when requested by Leads or Supervisors, to help meet deadlines

- Set up basic Ncloth dynamics

- Maintain a good work-life balance and communicate with the team if help is needed

Senior Rigger:

Senior Riggers are proficient in all styles of rigging. Communication is quite efficient and helping the more Junior Riggers is expected.

General Expectations of Senior Riggers:

- Intermediate level of Python coding knowledge

- Rig most assigned assets without significant input

- Help Mind and Junior Riggers with any questions

- Set up and tweak dynamics of all show styles to a high quality

- Watch over shows for a limited period of time when Leads or Supervisors are out

- Have an in-depth understanding of rigging systems, understanding the repercussions of r requested changes

- Provide creative solutions to decrease workload on the Rigging department

- Develop alterations to the rigging systems that have been requested by Rigging Leads or -Supervisors

- Maintain a good work-life balance and communicate with the team if help is needed
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