Technical Animator

Posted: about 2 months
Art and Animation
$36000 - $60000 / year
G-SPACE STUDIO LTD is looking for a remote Technical Animator to work on an exciting MMORPG for PC in fantasy style.

This role encompasses pivotal aims such as working with animation blueprints in UE5, creating and optimizing animation state machines, and working in close cooperation with the game designers and animators from the prototype team.

  • High level of experience with Unreal 5 / Control Rig / Animation Blueprints, Blendtrees and StateNetworks;
  • Previous proven example of a Character control setup with created with blueprints;
  • Debug and resolve character animation-related issues;
  • Understanding and Ability to create a variety of specific custom rigs;
  • Experience with complex biped/quadruped locomotion and understanding of both IK and procedural features;
  • Excellent knowledge of constraint, deformer physics and dynamics systems;
  • Good understanding of various tools, software and game engines used in current gen development;
  • Ability to respond to Lead Animators feedback and/or changes where required and deliver them within fixed time constraints;
  • Enjoy the technical challenge and constraints of real-time game development;
  • 2 years professional experience with 2+ game releases;
  • Demonstrate dependability and commitment to projects and tasks, and a hunger to learn and improve as a Technical Animator;
  • Exceptional attention to detail, especially with regards to character deformations.
  • Experience in custom rig creation / skinning in Maya and rigging systems ideally mGear and HumanIK;
  • Rigging in Maya - mGear / HumanIKCreating flexible and optimised animation state machines and blend trees;
  • Thorough knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and kinesiology for humans and animals.
  • Creating flexible and optimized animation state machines and blend trees;
  • Working with animation blueprints, animation trees, and control rigs to create a fun controllable, and intuitive character control system;
  • Debug and resolve character animation-related issues;
  • Support the needs of the animation team and ensure they have the tools they need to do their jobs;
  • Use both commercial and in-house tools to integrate character rigs into the game pipeline;
  • Report to the Lead Animator for tasks, revisions, training, and creative ideas and take full ownership of all assigned tasks;
  • Working alongside art and animation leads to set the standard and to ensure final assets achieve the initial vision;
  • Ensure work hits all memory and frame rate guides and adhere to overall project guidelines in terms of naming conventions, folder structures, etc;
  • Add to the library of tutorials, documents, and technical guides to improve efficiency in the animation pipeline and be proactive in finding solutions to technical issues;
  • Attend regular animation technical reviews;
  • Keep up to date with industry advancements and technologies and share knowledge with the Animation team.
We offer:
  • The opportunity to participate in the creation of excellent products and achieve great results together with a team;
  • Flexible working schedule;
  • Fully remote work;
  • Competitive salary regularly reviewed.
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