Senior 3D Level Artist/Lighter (original IP)

Posted: about 2 months
Art and Animation
Dependent on knowledge, skill, experience level and location.
from GMT-4 to GMT+4.
  • We agree with 99% of Earth's population that Earth is round.
  • We are looking for candidates that can start between now and March
  • We are a premium AA+ Indie that has all the elements to become a highly recognized IP. 
  • Job Type: Always remote, ideally Full-Time but can start as Part-Time
  • Working with team members from around the globe. Ranging from GMT-4 to GMT+3.

Please introduce yourself and send your resumes & stylized portfolios to with subject header:

Full Name - Your skill level - LEVEL ARTIST - Current Location
  • For skill level choose: Student, Intern, Junior, Regular, Senior, Lead, Director or Studio/Team
To help us understand your perspective, if you can please mention:
  1. When do you prefer to start.
  2. Is Full-Time possible or you prefer to start as Part-Time first
  3. Your freelancer rate range (Independent Indie vs. big wealthy studio)
  4. Your game industry work experience (years).
  5. What draws you to us and our game/IP

Add the GDPR consent: I hereby give my consent for the information provided on this form to be held on computer or other relevant filing systems in accordance with the GDPR 2022.

If you are a good fit, then a follow up email will be sent your way.

As a Senior Lighter/Level Artist that is part of the FTE team & project, you would immerse yourself into the look and feel of our game. You would be responsible for finalizing level art and creating light & mood that matches our already established art style.
We are very much looking forward to visualizing the whole BETA experience in the upcoming months with you. At Flatter Than Earth, you’re not just an artist. You’ll use your sensitivity, creativity, and strong interpersonal skills, to collaborate in a cross-functional team to create a quirky and very memorable theatrical world of puppets.

To thrive as an Senior Level Artist at Flatter Than Earth you would:
  • Have a minimum of 6 years of full-time professional experience as a Level Artist 
    • Minimum 2 years as a Senior in a professional video game team
  • Ability to create high quality 3D in-engine environments based on iterative Concept Art and/or other guidelines.
    • Strong grasp of level art workflows.
    • Have excellent lighting skills.
    • Have a great eye for color and composition.
    • Have excellent surfacing, and environment design skills.
    • Have good knowledge of Unity (URP)
    • Full 3D assets and/or environment modeling a plus
  • Collaborate with teammates to maintain a friendly and fun work environment while supporting the artistic vision of the Product.
    • Opinion and initiative are highly valued
    • Have exceptional communication and teamwork skills. 
    • Good knowledge of English (the team is multicultural) both spoken and written.
  • Adjust, polish, finalize areas with particular attention on how they can support the story and artistic qualities of the game.
  • Work with the team to meet technical & performance requirements of levels
Job Expired

About Flatter Than Earth

PAX Prime - Official Judge Selection
During a rigorous selection process, PAX judges invited FTE and our Game to be placed in the best spot next to Sega and Twitch booths. It was a great honor and there was a fantastic amount of interest in our game.
To see our most recent work, you will have to join us ;-)

We are offering You
  • To be an important part of the development of Once Upon a Puppet a puzzle-platformer game with many elements that make for a memorable experience in this genre.
  • Be Indie and away from corporate bureaucracy and a heavy chain of command that slows down decision making & creativity.
  • Be part of the core team, you will not be a cog in a machine, your voice will be heard & important.
  • Your creativity will not be limited by corporate processes, only self-limited by "blue-sky" yet realistic ideas that enhance the fun and do not kill scope.
  • You will work remotely and manage your own time & location to focus.
  • Choose when you want to take a day off or have a longer vacation.
  • We at FTE heavily promote a culture free from crunch. Do not do it, it can have terrible effects.
  • Other team members will be glad to teach you or learn from you.
  • Your input will have an effect on the project and its final form.
  • If wanted, representing the game, team & company at game dev. events.
  • You will feel you are responsible and a true owner of the game you are making.
  • You are learning and evolving with us, Flatter Than Earth, a team & company aiming for big things.

At Flatter Than Earth, our mission is to create whimsical video games that triple A studios do not dare to make.  We're a multidisciplinary, fully remote team that’s passionate about creating video games and help players have fun. We thrive on innovating new solutions to old challenges and we seek to rethink how interesting themes (like theater & puppets or music) can merge into games that speak to the heart, mind & soul. 
Our current project, Once Upon a Puppet aims to capture the attention and unleash the imagination of gamers of all ages.

Our core values are:
They are few, but they are strong. From creating processes to decision-making and finding the right team-members, we build & see our 5 core values in every thing we do.
  • Independence. Others can trust that you’ll be organized, pro-active and deliver what you agreed to and vice versa.
  • Mastery. You love what you do and care deeply about the quality of your work. You’re continuously learning and pushing yourself to expand your abilities further. You're never satisfied with the status-quo.
  • Communication. Your communication is spontaneous, clear, concise, and engaging whether you're explaining a complex idea or providing feedback to a teammate.
  • Ambition & Balance. You aspire to put a dent into the gaming industry. To do this, you set high standards for yourself and those around you. The time you spend on work isn’t measured by quantity, but by quality.
  • Impact. You're able to take a bird's eye view to pinpoint and then solve issues that have a high impact on our players, our team, and our company. You're committed to the health and success of both your teammates and Flatter Than Earth as a company.
We at Flatter Than Earth THANK YOU and are looking forward to hearing from You! :-)

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