DNABLOCK is hiring Storyboard - Previs (Remote Job)

Storyboard - Previs 100% REMOTE

Posted: 4 months
Art and Animation
Your Mission

  • Cinematics concept and execution from planning, camera, narrative point of view and experince in 3d programs to be able to offer cinematic drafts useful for the rest of the team to elaborate.

  • Collaboration with the animation team in motion capturing and reworking of the recorded animations in order to create previs for storyboarding 

  • The technical conception of the animation sequences and link to software developers and creatives

Minimum Requirements:

  • Undesranding of camera language and narrative

  • Good traditional art foundation

  • Understanding of cinematography & cinematics

  • Experience with character animation in Maya/Motionbuilder

  • Experience with Unreal or fast learner with basic knowhow-background

  • Experience with motion capturing 

  • Minimum 2-3 years of industry experience with similar position

  • Fluent in English - written and spoken

Other Skills:

  • Ability to work well in a fluid, changing environment as creative challenges evolve

  • A passion for cg productions and aps  and a desire to be part of the creative process involved in developing video games

  • Sense of autonomy, responsibility, and attention to detail

  • Demonstrated ability to manage production time and meet deadlines

  • Good ability to communicate effectively and professionally

  • Positive attitude and ability to give and receive constructive feedback

Extra Points:

  • Advanced animation skills
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DNABLOCK is an LA-based creative technology company that enables the world's greatest creative minds and storytellers to bring their stories, ideas, and narratives to life through 3D animation. We've developed an innovative, easy-to-use 3D animation platform specifically designed to empower non-technical creatives to generate and distribute high-quality 3D animated characters and content. Our platform allows a single creator or small team to go from concept to creation with incredibly detailed, photoreal results to create bespoke, high-quality digital 3D avatars, videos, games, and even cinema-quality productions in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional animation and visual effect studio


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