Senior Technical Producer

Posted: over 1 year
US West Coast time zone to Hawaii (UTC-8 to UTC-10)
Disruptive Games is a veteran development studio specializing in multiplayer and online experiences. We are an independently owned studio working on a AAA, fully-funded title with original IP!


We’re expanding our fully-remote team with people who share our passion for collaborative, multiplayer gameplay.

Disruptive Games is looking for an experienced Senior Technical Producer with demonstrated technical abilities, who is passionate about working in games and thrives in technical environments. You will work closely with our team members to reduce inefficiencies, identify problems or miscommunications, and relay information to help solve these issues.

What You'll Do

  • Collaborate with team members across the US and internationally to ensure good quality and reasonable timelines are being met, acting as build gatekeeper
  • Drive and own responsibility of major features from a market, player, content, and technological perspective, including performing regular triages
  • Help to gather and disseminate information on build issues, including troubleshooting specific breakages and/or raising issues with the Tech Director and QA Lead, with good version control practices in mind
  • Create processes, schedules, and budgets for our Live Ops cycles. You will work through dependencies and line up tasks to be accomplished without resorting to crunch, or missing any steps. All groups are valued and accounted for
  • Work with localization teams to ensure that normal content and platform metadata (i.e. store ads for our game), Message Of The Day, and other in-game notices are translated and sent in a timely way
  • Learn and mentor new production, communication, and development processes with fellow producers, assisting with their professional development and with building the production department as a whole
  • Partner with multiple creative teams from the earliest concept stage through the production process, assisting in building excellence and resilience in our core teams
  • Help devise and establish best practices for balancing scope, schedule, resources, and quality, especially in a LiveOps or Games-as-a-Service environment. You’ll manage risks and supervise their related mitigation
  • Help with project planning (establish goals, budget estimates, schedule, and production contracts) and handle coordination with teams such as QA, Localization, Customer Service, PR, Marketing, Legal, and other teams
  • Work in task tracking software such as ClickUp, Jira, or Trello, with excellent skills in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Work in Confluence or Notion to document our plans and processes
  • Represent production progress to cross-functional colleagues and executive management, ensuring smooth and open communication across the project, both internally and with external partners

What You'll Bring

  • The position is 100% Remote, but you are willing to work Pacific time zone hours: range from US West Coast time zone to Hawaii (UTC-8 to UTC-10). You have experience working with distributed teams and facilitating effective virtual and in-person meetings
  • 5+ years of experience in the production of video games, with an understanding of the needs of technical teams under cyclical releases
  • You have shipped at least one AA or AAA title either on PC and/or console from start to end
  • You have an exceptional understanding of version control and have experience acting as a build gatekeeper in the past
  • Familiarity with programming and/or scripting languages (e.g. C++, Python) and familiarity with Git-based feature branch workflows
  • You have strong experience in building and leading high-performing teams, with proven negotiation skills with peers and external production partners
  • Project planning experience (goals, budget estimates, schedule, and production contracts) and familiarity with the gaming landscape
  • Exceptional communication skills (written and oral), including motivational techniques and conflict resolution skills
  • Strong working knowledge of dependencies and timelines in a cross-functional collaborative environment
  • Proven ability to work with creative and technical partners, focusing on multiple features while meeting changing deadlines and priorities
  • Adept at Google Suite. Familiar with Unreal 4/Unreal 5
  • Highly organized and an effective multi-tasker. Strong time and project management skills
  • Proven ability to identify and analyze risks while leading mitigation support.
  • Experience building or working with wireframes, GDDs, TDDs, and product specifications
  • Experience with project management and communication tools such as Trello, JIRA and Discord

Bonus Points

  • Experience in shipping titles and/or live operations of at least two titles, across multiple platforms
  • Coding background or technically inclined
  • Passion for service-based PC and console games
  • Direct knowledge of gameplay mechanics, platform compliance, monetization systems, and other aspects used in the core designs of live service games
Disruptive Games is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We recruit, interview, and hire people of all backgrounds, orientations, identities, and expressions.

NOTE: This listing is part of Remote Game Jobs commitment and on going efforts to help game talents find new home during these unfortunate times of mass layoffs. If you know of any affected individuals that might benefit from it, please consider sharing it with them. You can also check the studio's Company Website from the Company Info box to see if they have more openings.
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About Disruptive Games

We are Disruptive Games, an independent game development studio founded by industry veterans who have worked on some of the most recognizable and renowned games in the world.

We’re on a mission to redefine the state of play in the world of connected games. Our prime directive is to create a more meaningful, positive, and authentic experience, which is woven into the very fabric of our gameplay — creating more human experiences for both cooperative and competitive play.

Let's play together.

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