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Thomas Eilian is an elderly poet and writer diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Bound to only move around in a wheelchair, he finds himself alone for what seems like years roaming an empty house. “The clock is ticking, the hours are going by. The past increases, the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting.” - Haruki Murakumi

We're looking for five English speaking voice actors only to fill 6 roles.

Role #1 Shirley:
Shirley (Shirl/Sherry) is Thomas’s wife and mother to Charles, Katherine and Benjamin. She was a loving and caring mother and wife, but far too altruistic, trying to please and take care of those she loved even if it cost her own fate. She had curly golden hair and clear green eyes.

She was a sculptress and painter, just like her father. Her hobbies were gardening, poetry and music. Developed a bad habit of smoking and drinking due to traumatic events.

Personality: Creative, passionate, energetic, and idealistic, but is very emotional, sensitive, and altruistic.

Role #2 Katherine:
Katherine (Katie/Kate) is Thomas’ and Shirley’s daughter, sister to Charles and Benjamin. A perfectionist, she’s a smart girl who grew up a bookworm and a chess champion. Unlike her brothers, she still seems to love her father - just finds it hard to show it. It became instinctive of her to try to fix situations and keep things under control.

In the present day is in her late 30’s. She looked like her mother overall - had golden curly hair, and had her eyes. She now works as a lawyer. Her hobbies were playing chess, writing and reading books. Developed a habit of keeping everything tidy and overcleaning - possible OCD.

Personality: Altruistic, intelligent, clever and tidy, but insecure, perfectionistic, worrisome, and controlling.

Role #3 Benjamin:
Benjamin (Ben/Benji) is Thomas’ and Shirley’s youngest son, brother to Charles and Katherine. He was a shy kid, who grew up with imaginary friends and had a great heart for adventure and arts. His name came from Shirley’s father. Doesn’t like being responsible for anything, so he learned to lie and tries to ignore most of his problems, including his aged father.

Is currently in his 30’s. He had short blonde curly hair, and had his mother’s green eyes. Thomas cannot remember his face anymore. Works as a painter and sculptor, following in his mother’s footsteps. Loved to draw and play both the guitar and the piano. Developed a habit of lying and ignoring his responsibilities.

Personality: Creative, adventurous and artistic, but fiercely independent, dismissive and evasive.

Role #4 Charles (Thomas's Brother) :
Note: The actor for both Charles’ must be the same. This is intended to confuse both Thomas and players.

Charles (Chuck) is Thomas’s older brother and firstborn son of Theodore and Martha. He was a patriotic young man, and despite his father’s death, volunteered to join the Army and was sent to Normandy, where he died. Thomas decided to honor his dead brother by naming his firstborn ‘Charles’. Tom throughout the game confuses them for each other, always mistaking one for the other. Joined the Army during World War II.

Personality: Loving. kind, just, and protecting, but was a bit stubborn.

Role #5 Charles (Thomas's eldest son):
Note: The actor for both Charles’s must be the same. This is intended to confuse both Thomas and players.

Charles (Charlie/Chuck) is Thomas’ and Shirley’s firstborn son, older brother to Katherine and Benjamin. He’s a stubborn kid, who grew up with anger and blame towards his father. His name comes from his uncle, Thomas’s brother. Thomas thinks his son behaves the way he does because of something he did, but can’t remember what it was.

In the present day is in his mid 40s. Thomas cannot remember his face anymore. Is a successful engineer in a big company. His hobbies were playing the guitar and playing with toys. Had a habit of disobeying his parents and “bullying” his siblings.

Personality: Diligent, hard-working and creative, but stubborn and temperamental, rarely accepting criticism - just like his grandmother.

Role #6 Martha:
Martha was mother to Thomas and his brother Charles, wife to Theodore. Extremely hard-working and caring, raised Thomas on her own. Moved into Thomas and Shirley’s house, where she helped take care of the kids but always argued with Shirley.

Was present all throughout Thomas’s life. He doesn’t remember her face, but remembered she had a tough and mean one, despite being a well-intentioned person. Was a waitress all her life. Had a habit of smoking, but was forced to quit by Shirley because of the children. Ironically, Shirley herself started to smoke.

Personality: Diligent, hard-working, strong-willed and charismatic, but harsh, stubborn and even arrogant.

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