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Our mission is to build a world where players can enjoy a crazy exciting social life. We are bringing them together in tight-knit communities through thrilling, challenging and memorable adventures. We are building a new kind of multiplayer game called Stories One, a Community-Shaped Adventure Game on mobile. It combines the experience of high-school everyday’s life with adventures worthy of a Netflix TV-Show. Set in a small American town in the 80s, players as high schoolers will investigate, cooperate and act to save their town from catastrophes.

We built a team of 11 brilliant people from different backgrounds (Gameloft, BigPoint, DigixArt) and surrounded ourselves with expert advisors from AAA studios (Ubisoft, Techland, Bandai Namco).

We raised €2.3M with Top EU investors (XAnge, Daphni) moved fast and overcame the greatest challenges of developing an MMO Open World Game. 11K teenagers have now joined our Discord to play early-versions of Stories One. 

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