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Future Visual Remote Game Jobs

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Founded by Tim Fleming and Iestyn Lloyd, Future Visual is an award-winning VR & AR studio based in Brighton, UK.

With backgrounds in graphics, hardware and software development, Tim and Iestyn knew that immersive technology had the phenomenal potential to solve a number of business challenges and provide a new and enhanced way of working for multiple verticals.

Future Visual provides clients with an opportunity to re-imagine experiences, to access situations and scenarios that are either physically impossible or prohibitively expensive to recreate in the real world.   The team is passionate about developing new techniques and approaches to advance the art and science of immersive experiences to meet client needs. 

As the way in which we work, learn and collaborate continues to evolve we can bring global teams together to work smarter without the need to travel which helps to manage corporate emissions simultaneously accelerating the learning journey providing new milestones of growth, understanding and development.

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