Erase All Kittens Remote Game Jobs
Erase All Kittens Remote Game Jobs

Erase All Kittens

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We are a startup company on a mission to change the world for young girls who believe that learning to code is more for boys, and to pave a way for greater inclusion and representation of talented women in the workplace.

We're doing this by encouraging girls to learn digital skills via Erase All Kittens, a web-based game which incorporates storytelling, interactive dialogue and fun ‘Mario-style’ gameplay.

Our prototype has over 150,000 players and we’ve raised investment and grant funding to build a more educational and gamified learning tool, teaching basic HTML, CSS and Javascript.

By 2025, we are aiming for EAK to be in 50,000 schools and to see a significant increase in girls taking Computer Science GCSE and A-levels in the UK.

The game developer we are looking to hire will be critical in bringing our vision to life - in the quality of the product and experience of the user. We’re looking for someone with a passion for making and playing games to help create a magical learning experience, seamlessly blending education with entertainment.

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