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Dyscordion Entertainment Remote Game Jobs

Dyscordion Entertainment


United States of America

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Who we are

We are Dyscordion Entertainment, a small indie studio composed of artists, writers, designers, and programmers who love making video games. Our name originates from an in-team joke about playing a broken accordion sound for our splash screen logo and that our team meetings are often energetic and fun. 

What we do

We are currently working on our debut game, Second Star - a first person adventure role playing game set in a sci-fi universe 200 years in the future. Our audience are players who enjoy sci-fi games with a focus on narrative and character dynamics but prefer a more exploratory, “adventure-game” approach over combat.

Second Star also features a cast of fully voiced, diverse characters the player can pursue deeper relationships with, and a unique, futuristic aesthetic both in visuals and audio.

We plan to release Second Star on PC on most major digital stores, with consoles to follow.

More on Second Star
Media/Press Kit

Why you should work with us

- Female-led, diverse, and inclusive team (the majority of us identify as LGBTQ+) working remotely all around the world across several time zones

- We maintain a healthy, fun, and laid back atmosphere (we use Discord to collaborate)

- Exciting (but sometimes difficult!) challenges

- Opportunity to contribute to a large production with multiple platform releases planned

How we operate

Dyscordion is a 100% independent studio and operates on a profit-share business model. Future funding is a potential possibility through an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

We ask all team members for a 2 days or nights per week commitment. All profits from Second Star will be split evenly amongst the team.

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