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About Us

At Dream of Darkness we push the limits of narrative and technology. 

Gamers love great stories. However, storytelling has plateaued in games. Yes, graphics, combat, and particles have improved. But these are distinct elements and in AAA they are coming at the cost of exploiting developers. Narrative has stayed the same: a plot with branches. Many gamers finish their story-driven game only once; plenty more only watch a playthrough on Youtube and don’t even buy a game. That’s millions of dollars in development gone to waste! We’re solving this by offering a unique story per player. For our first game, we’re working with historians to mix real mysteries of the Spanish-Aztec encounter with a Lovecraftian dose. Being Mexicans we dig cosmic horror, dancing, and mezcal.

You, as a person

We want people who have something to prove, and want a piece of their own game studio. Making games in Mexico is hard because the industry is small, there’s no local funding, and the Internet sucks. But games are the future of narrative, and our objective as a startup is global. We trust you to be in love with your field, be it writing, designing, art, programming, community, history. To don’t settle and take ownership, even if answers or results are hard to get. To experiment! It’s ok to try and get it wrong. We have each others’ backs, relaxing chats, and the realization that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity where a thriving market meets crazy, hungry, Aztecs. 

Our game’s audience

24~30 year olds
60% Male
40% Female
PC players
Early adopters, they buy at least 1 story-driven game a month


  1. Define the strategy for Dream of Darkness to grow madly as a startup and game.
  2. Attend with care to our users by creating constant quality content, making use of the best our Lovecraft+Aztecs secret sauce have to offer.
  3. Coordinate with our developers, artist, and historians, so they can work on their areas, while you tell the exclusive behind-the-scenes of how a game and studio are really made to our audience, including the ups and downs.
  4. Create editorial community-focused assets such as articles, videos, podcasts, live streams, and more. You can give input to our artist so he helps you to create these contents.
  5. Grow and convert a big enough community for funding 50% of our game with Kickstarter; we have 12 months of development left, our expenses are in Mexican pesos, and we can get other sources of funding.
  6. Get constantly updated on the better practices of community and game marketing.
  7. Experiment and find the right tone for our Lovecraft+Aztecs contents so they explode on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. We’ve had great results in the first one so far. 
  8. Listen to players and channel their requested features so the team can implement them.
  9. Implement and monitor metrics to evaluate success and value of community activities.


USD $220 ~ $270 a month (MXN $5,000 ~ $6,000 pesos) - negotiable


  1. Fluency in English orally and written, so our US & European users don’t struggle even a bit to understand your contents.
  2. At least 1 year working in a game development environment.
  3. Passion for gaming and community management.
  4. Experience presenting to public audiences and on video.
  5. Experience working with community metrics. 
  6. Experience in copywriting.
  7. An eye for design to review pictures and edit videos. 
  8. Spanish fluency is a plus, not mandatory.

Additional Benefits

If you rock it out of the park, we’re happy to also give you studio shares, like other members of our team. We want all of us to be motivated. The better we create, the bigger our results.

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