ControlZee Inc. Remote Game Jobs
ControlZee Inc. Remote Game Jobs

ControlZee Inc.

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ControlZee is a San Mateo based startup developing dot big bang.

ControlZee Inc. was founded in 2016 by Robert Anderberg, Jon Stockwell, Jacques Menuet and Porter Schutz to build dot big bang, a brand new kind of game platform.

They raised $3M in 2018, hired Charles Palmer, Vilhelm Sævarsson and Pennie Quinn in 2018 and 2019, and launched the platform alpha and Straits of Danger in 2020.

dot big bang
dot big bang is a platform that enables people to play and create video games with friends anywhere, on any device, instantly and share them with a massive, interactive audience.

For Creators
dot big bang enables creators to build cooperatively with friends. Seamless cross-play on all devices means everyone can join in wherever they are.

Instant access to a huge library of ControlZee and community-created content enables creators to quickly bring their ideas to life and when creating new content, creators have full control over whether their content is remixable, or only used in their own games.

Creators will be able to earn money from their content in dot big bang.

For Players
Players can take part in brand new experiences with thousands of other players, get closer to their favorite streamers than ever before, and jump in and play wherever they are.

For Influencers
dot big bang enables influencers to interact in real-time with thousands of players in the same game.

Influencers can create and play games and have their entire audience jump in and play with them, affecting the world and seeing feedback in real-time. For more information on building a massively-interactive game using dot big bang, or to stream an existing game to a large audience please contact us.

Platform features:
  • Tiny cross-platform high-performance web-based game engine.
  • Seamless multiplayer with cross-play on all platforms, play with anyone, even if they don't have an account.
  • Instant game distribution: seconds from click to play.
  • Integrated multiplayer game development tools, supported on all platforms.
  • Social layer (following, likes, comments)
  • Constellation: interact in real-time with thousands of players in the same game.

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