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PIXO VR has been building groundbreaking Virtual Reality Training experiences since 2015.

Our CEO, Sean Hurwitz, founded the company based on a belief in the power of Extended Reality (XR) technology to unlock human potential and realize limitless possibilities. Assembling an all-star team of game-changing VR & AR engineers, award-winning graphic artists, and veteran AAA-game developers, Hurwitz challenged his company to re-imagine what was previously thought possible in VR.

Dedicated to questioning every assumption and pushing every boundary, our team set to work developing a proprietary VR platform that would enable rapid, scalable development and serve as the foundation for all of our cutting-edge VR Training experiences in the future.

Today, we work with high-stakes industries such as Construction, Manufacturing & General Industry, Energy & Utilities, and Public Safety, providing them with training solutions that would otherwise be too difficult, expensive, or dangerous to conduct in the ‘real’ world.

With a first-to-market feature set that includes Multi-user Functionality, Scenario Randomization, and Real-Time Reporting & Analytics, behavior-changing story narratives developed by subject matter experts, and industry-best, photo-realistic audio and visual effects, our VR Training leads to dramatic improvements in performance, collaboration, efficiency, and safety. Our training dissolves the barrier between virtual and actual reality, providing simulated real-world job experience with none of the cost and risk of the real-world.

As a company, we believe technology should serve people — not the other way around — and that training is best when it engages as well as it informs. We’re proud to build virtual worlds for the people who keep the real world working, empowering them to do their best work and helping to make sure when their shift is over, they go home safe, sound, and skilled.

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