tobspr Games is hiring Porting from Unity to HTML5 based engine (Remote Job)

Porting from Unity to HTML5 based engine 100% REMOTE

Posted: 23 days
US or Europe
We are looking for a developer who can port the game Kiwi Clicker (, which is currently Unity, to a HTML5 based engine of your choice.
The most important part is that the engine / final build of the game is as small as possible, has a really fast loading time and supports as many devices as possible (especially mobile / tablet as well).

All Assets and Logic / Scaling / Numbers of the Game would be provided, so your job would be to re-build the game in that engine only.

Also the Poki SDK has to be integrated ( - Currently it is available for GameMaker, Phaser, Defold and Cocos but integration with other engines is also possible (although harder).

If this sounds interesting to you, we are looking forward to get an offer for the whole porting (so this would be a goal based contract). Payment will then happen on the delivery of the final build (Although upfront payment is negotiable).

Your offer should include the total amount and a rough estimate on the required time.
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